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Truss Foodworks - Haliburton Forest hosting Mary Intven Wallace


Round the River Bend
Mary Intven Wallace
acrylic on canvas, 20"x 30”

Truss Foodworks

1095 Redkenn Rd, Dysart et al

Artist Inspiration

The Kennisis River in the Algonquin Highlands of Haliburton is a place of renewal. It’s where I am inspired to create many of my paintings that honour our beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can breathe in the clean air of the summer sky, notice the trees bending toward you as their roots dig deep, their limbs reaching up. In a canoe or kayak you can glide along this clear water world, traveling over submerged ancient pathways of sand. You will see shimmering silver fins as they race beside streaming supple mermaid hair rooted in the dark depths below. If you balance yourself and meld with the fluid movement round the river bend, you may come upon a moose feasting on the river grasses. Pause and breathe in great gratitude for the magic of this magnificent moment.

Artist Bio

Mary began painting after her first magical trip to Algonquin Park half a century ago. Her enduring enthusiasm for Canada’s land continues to flourish, especially when she paints at her woodland studio in the Algonquin Highlands. Honouring the intrinsic balance and beauty of the natural world is a consistent theme in her work. The luminous colours in her paintings conjure connections to the dynamic energy of land, sea, and sky. Her vibrant artworks grace public and private collections around the world, winning awards such as the International White Raven Award and the National Outdoor Book Award.


Truss Foodworks

Truss is a rustic style smokehouse. We smoke all our own meats including brisket, pulled pork, bacon and whatever else we can get our hands on for the week. The dining room is intimate but can be arranged for larger groups of people. We have many gluten free and vegetarian options on the menu. The restaurant also offers a mid-sized store with basic necessities, snacks as well as to-go beers and ciders. Our hours for the summer will be 9:00am to 8:00pm, Tuesday through Sunday, however we do encourage calling ahead in case large events have booked the restaurant out for the day.

Facebook: Truss Foodworks
Instagram: truss_foodworks

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