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Art In Public Spaces

The Art in Public Spaces program brings the work of our local artists into the community and showcases the amazing talent in Haliburton Highlands. The Arts Council partners with interested venues to provide opportunities for art exhibitions and then invites members to submit their work.  The program is overseen by a committee of dedicated volunteers.   


Since the beginning of this program, the Arts Council has partnered with several public venues and organized art exhibits at many cultural events such as the Concert Series at the Northern Lights Pavilion, the Folk Society’s Winter Folk Camp, the Municipality of Dysart et al’s Hardwater Festival, Hike Haliburton, the Summer Festival and Sir Sams Fall Open House.  The “DysArt Trail”, a show to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Municipality of Dysart et al, was particularly popular.  During this show, art work was displayed a number of public venues in the community.  Our shows at the Highlands Brewery have also been very popular.  


This is a terrific opportunity for members to show their work.  Almost 50% of our members have participated in at least one show hosted by the Art in Public Spaces Committee.   Many members have sold pieces through these shows.

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