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About Us

The Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands strives to provide a strong voice for the arts in Haliburton County; to serve as a catalyst for community economic development through the arts; and through the facilitation of collaborative relationships among artists, organizations, businesses and government, contribute to the vibrancy of the arts and community life.


  • Serve as a voice for artists and arts, culture and heritage within the County and to the world

  • Provide opportunities for communication and sharing information within the arts community

  • Provide business resources and facilitation services for artists, organizations and businesses

  • Be a catalyst for new community economic development initiatives related to the arts

  • Promote arts education opportunities for people of all ages and provide professional development for artists and art professionals

  • Work with community partners to promote the arts within the County and to the world at large

  • Provide opportunities to celebrate the arts

Arts Council Haliburton
Arts Council ~ Haliburton Highlands
Play Video

This video, commissioned by the Arts Council ~ Haliburton Highlands, features the diversity and depth of arts, culture and heritage in the Highlands showcasing the depth of our arts community through short interviews and work from a wide variety of local artists, including visual artists, performing artists and literary artists. This project was made possible with funding by the Haliburton County Development Corporation and the County of Haliburton. Video production by Camexicanus and Upside Brown Productions.

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