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Mill Pond Restaurant hosting Wendy Wood


Shelley’s Stream
Wendy Wood
acrylic on canvas,18"x 24"

The MillPond Restaurant

15526 ON-35, Minden

Artist Inspiration

Shelley’s Stream is a real place.
A place to soak up nature and let it soak into you.
A place where you can sit and gather your thoughts, or a place to let them go.
A place for renewal.

Artist Bio

All of my paintings have a story. I guess you could say that each painting is part of an illustrated diary that is the story of my artistic life.
I work from photos using liquid acrylics. After completing a small thumb nail sketch of the scene I get to work on the canvas. Drawing with brush and painting in many layers until the painting is complete. All through this process I listen to music. Anything from classical, the blues, rock or fiddle music. Whatever I am feeling in the moment. I believe it has a strong effect on how I paint.

The MillPond Restaurant

The MillPond Restaurant has been a staple of Carnarvon for a long time. With its quint park like setting, over looking Mirror lake. The beautiful scenery matches the warm, welcoming vibe inside. The modern rustic cabin style, is a bonus to the amazing spread of comfort food. From homemade burgers to fresh baked Raspberry pie. Takeout is available, call ahead to reserve your spot. Brad Archer has been the Chef and owner for 30 years, this October. Come see why we say #onlyincarnarvon! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Or our full menu is available online at the

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