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Dominion Hotel Pub hosting Susan Hay


Spring Comes to the Highlands
Susan Hay
acrylic on canvas, framed
46”x 30”

Dominion Hotel and Pub

113 Main St, Minden

Artist Inspiration

This piece is an abstractified, stylized interpretation of the season of renewal and of hope in the Haliburton Highlands. During the pandemic, I have taken the opportunity to explore some new techniques and styles so in a sense, I am seeking renewal and rejuvenation in a new style of painting. When spring comes to the Highlands of Haliburton, there is a certain magic as the buds open to reveal fresh new leaves and the sweetest tinge of green becomes visible especially when viewed from a distance. The dark green of black spruce contrasts with the fresh, pale green on the deciduous trees. This is the season of renewal and of hope and rebirth. The winter snow has receded. The sound of a trickle, sometimes the roar of melt water gives way to the arrival of songbirds, now searching for a mate with the most melodious of songs.

Artist Bio

I am most inspired by the tranquil, natural wilderness found along Ontario’s shorelines and by rural scenery. I love to paint water so that it looks wet and light so that it glows; the overall effect being that my landscapes sparkle with vitality. I have been a regular exhibitor in the Haliburton Arts Community and took part in the Tour de Forest Studio Tour each Civic Holiday weekend for 9 years. My work is for sale at the Ethel Curry Gallery and the Rails End Gallery in Haliburton, as well as at my studio on Wenona Lake about 15 min. east of the village of Haliburton. More of my work and my contact information is available at Being able to capture the beauty of our County in a way that speaks to the viewer has been very satisfying for me.

Dominion Hotel and Pub

The Dominion Hotel has been the “Hot Spot” in downtown Minden since it first started providing food, drink, entertainment and accommodation to travellers and locals in 1865. It is one of the oldest businesses in this county and one of the oldest continually operating hotels in the whole country. Indeed, this business predates Canada as it was opened two years before Confederation.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy pub lunch, a cold drink on the patio, or a quiet dinner in the dining room, the Dominion Hotel is known for fresh, healthy, homestyle cooking. The Dominion Hotel is the home of the best handmade burgers in the county and folks drive miles for the beer battered Fish and Chips with a beer batter using their Dominion 1865 Lager. The “D” is considered Haliburton County’s Home of Live Music hosting numerous live performances throughout the year.
Accommodations at the Dominion Hotel are quite luxurious and quiet. Each suite has flat screen TVs, wireless internet and the most comfortable beds in the business. Fluffy cotton towels, a fridge, microwave and Keurig coffee maker and non allergic pillows and duvets will help ensure a relaxing stay.
Family Friendly, great food, fun times and the ‘Home of Live Music’ - that’s the Dominion Hotel in a nutshell. Off street parking available. Drop in and check your email. We’re an internet hotspot. Call us at 705 286-6954. Order online, reserve a table or book an overnight room online at

Serving Friends and Families Since 1865
Minden, Ontario

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