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Clark's on Main hosting Kathleen Dewar


Winter Bouquet
Kathleen Dewar
leather on canvas, 11"x 18"

Clark’s on Main

1090 Main Street, Dorset

Artist Inspiration

A gift of renewal:
This unique artistic creation crafted from leather evokes memories of sitting by summer gardens reminding us of our connection to Earth and our love of Nature. A personal space where we find solace and renewal.
“Winter Bouquet” offers you flowers in winter!
Shaping this vision took careful planning and a defined process. Step by careful step, I assembled each flower carefully, layering petals and leaves with the use of precision tools and patience; a deliberate and painstaking procedure. I often felt like I was putting a puzzle together one piece at a time. The rich dark brown background reminds us of seeds planted in the deep earth waiting for spring.
A renewal of hope and love are captured in this bouquet. From a small bud, flowers of all varieties and colours bloom gifting us with beauty and joy, then they rest, and bloom once more as perfect as the first time. A reminder to us all that we can be renewed too!
I offer you “Winter Bouquet” full of personality, warmth and colour. Enjoy

Artist Bio

I love the challenge of crafting leather into landscapes and designs inspired by nature. To honour animals, I transform their gift into art. It has taken years to gather colours and textures that unlock my imagination to create artwork that reflects the beauty and majesty of Mother Earth.
Artwork that evokes memories of mountains, beaches and gardens. I imagine, I plan and I design every piece as a unique picture, transforming leather into distinctive, vibrant and personal images that run deep in my imagination from time spent in nature growing up in the countryside. I still live in the country which continues to bring inspiration to my imagination. For fun I craft works of whimsy incorporating shapes, a wide variety of colours and just for fun I mix in textures for added depth!! I have a series I call “Moon and Stars” so you can hold a wish for yourself or a loved one.
The warmth of my artwork adds beauty to any room. You can visit my studio by appointment only. You can contact me via email at Thank you

Clark’s on Main

Located on the south side of the humped back iron bridge, Clark's on Main is a joint venture between two sisters who have a lifelong love for the village of Dorset . The shop is located at 1090 Main Street in the century+ building that was once home to "Clayton's General Store"and is adjacent to the historical SS Bigwin ferry boat. It is also a branch of the popular Lake of Bays Garden Centre.

You will find a wide array of gift items that will surely suit everyone's budget. Candles, signs, greeting cards, jewellery, clothing and accessories, etched wine glasses, fresh flowers just to name a few.

Open seasonally from May to mid October. July and August our hours are typically 11am – 5pm seven days a week (except Sundays when we close at 4 pm). During the fall we do change to fewer days but those are posted. Clark’s on Main can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Phone contact is via the Lake of Bays Garden Centre at 705-635-1696 or mobile text at 905-213-3114.

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