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Rising Thymes hosting Harvey Walker


Don’t Worry Bee Happy
Harvey J Walker
oil on canvas, 30"x 24”

Rising Thymes

124 Bobcaygeon Rd, Minden

Artist Inspiration

We exist as a small part of overlapping cycles, the most obvious one is the change of seasons. Spring brings new life from what appears to be frozen, lifeless ground and as the earth warms, the cycle of growth, life, death and decay starts anew. The celebration is glorious, displaying all manor of shapes and colours in succession while providing the nectar of life to many creatures, including us. We are part of this cycle, we have proven that we can upset it, but we can also make choices to support it.

Artist Bio

Harvey works in oils both in the studio and en plein air in all seasons. He participates in the Tour de Forest and Haliburton Fall studio tours. When he isn’t painting roadside or riverside, he is sharing his love for painting by teaching at Boathouse Studio in Minden Hills and at en plein air workshops.

Rising Thymes

Rising Thymes is a natural food store that works to inspire healthy and joyful eating traditions. It also addresses the need to supplement and support the immune system. Our store's focus is to connect community through local foods and establishing a sustainable supply for our current needs. Come and experience our motto for yourselves: soil to soul.

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