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Rhubarb Restaurant hosting Sophie Creelman


Sophie Creelman
acrylic on canvas, 40"x 30"

Rhubarb Restaurant

9201 ON-118, Minden

Artist Inspiration

Renewal contains the idea of giving fresh life or a restored strength. This artwork is an abstract depiction of a visual representation of strength and perseverance, which correlates to the idea of revival. Darkness surrounds the canvas of this abstract landscape and larger gestural brushstrokes create feelings of turbulence and disorder. However the movement of the light overtaking the darkness allows the viewer to receive the idea of hope. The way light falls on an object has always fascinated me. In paintings, I strive to capture the interesting effect that light plays on the subject. The gold leaf detail not only works as a literal glimmer and capture of light, but also evokes the conception of new ideas within us that allows us to create change and start again with whatever form of darkness we are enduring. This piece can be seen as a revival and new beginnings on the horizon after a tumultuous storm, whether that is seen in nature’s landscape or the metaphorical storm found within an individual after a challenging period.

Artist Bio

Sophie is a contemporary painter whose love of nature and architecture is expressed on her canvases. Born and raised in Haliburton Ontario her interest in art began at a young age thanks to an encouraging family and artistic community. She has showcased her work in galleries and shows throughout Ontario and sold pieces across Canada. After studying fine art and art history at university Sophie returned to Haliburton where she currently resides and creates paintings in the place she finds most inspiring -the Haliburton Highlands. Her artwork focuses primarily on high detailed cityscapes and abstract paintings which break down landscapes into their simplest line and form, reducing a scene to its essentials. These paintings focus on mood and create a sense of place rather than being literal depiction of an area. Although there are many styles to her art, Sophie's aim is to create pieces that incorporate the small details found in our bustling world and capture intimate details that most might overlook at first glance.

Rhubarb Restaurant

Rhubarb Restaurant is a casual fine dining restaurant in beautiful Haliburton County.
We proudly strive to use predominantly local ingredients and source our products all from Ontario.
We have an extensive wine list along with local craft beer, cider and creative cocktails.
Visit our market store for fresh bread, cheese and gourmet treats.
Open year round
Reservations highly recommended

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