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If you are looking for something special to do this summer, come join us on the Art Trail.  The Art in Public Spaces Committee of the Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands is hosting an art trail, which is located in public venues throughout the Highlands.  The art trail showcases the amazing talent of our local artists.  Based on the theme of Renewal, the trail features artwork that evokes a sense of re-awakening in the Highlands, as we emerge from the isolation and restrictions of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Twenty-eight artists have been paired with host venues that are accessible to the public and are located throughout the Haliburton Highlands.  The Haliburton Sculpture Forest and the Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition are also participating.

Tour the beautiful Haliburton Highlands either virtually or in-person and visit the host venues along the trail.  Pick up a map guide brochure from any of the host venues, libraries, municipal offices or municipal welcome centres; or download the PocketSights app by clicking on the button below.

                   The show will open on July 1st and continue to October 15th.  Come join us on the Trail!

  1. Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands

    • Haliburton 

  2. June Krisko:  Double the Buzz, signed limited addition #5/50, Pro Luster photo paper

    • Canoe FM Radio Station, Haliburton

  3. Rossana Dewey:  The Reid House, Haliburton Heritage Home, oil on canvas

    • Rails End Gallery and Art Centre, Haliburton

  4. Susanne James:  Paddling Season Arrives, acrylic on canvas

    • Haliburton Welcome Centre

  5. Al Van Mil and Annette Blady:  Kaleidoscape, 3D mixed media work

    • Dysart Branch Library, Haliburton    

  6. Jane Selbie:  Life Cycle, fabric layering

    • Ethel Curry Gallery, Haliburton

  7. Marie Gage:  A Ring of Promises, Novel

    • Haliburton Highlands Museum, Haliburton

  8. John Lennard:  First Sun, oil on canvas

    • Fleming College, Haliburton School of Art and Design, Haliburton

  9. Laurie O’Reilly:  Almost Alone, mixed media collage, oil painting, poetry on plywood

    • Stares, Dorset

  10. Kathleen DewarWinter Bouquet, leather on canvas

    • Clark’s on Main, Dorset

  11. Anne Bailey:  Persephone, acrylic on canvas

    • Dorset Heritage Museum, Dorset

  12. Sophie Creelman:  Awaken, acrylic on canvas

    • Rhubarb Restaurant, Carnarvon

  13. Wendy Wood:  Shelley’s Stream, acrylic on canvas

    • Mill Pond Restaurant, Carnarvon

  14. Sharon Bell:  Faith, oil on canvas 

    • Sir Sam's Ski/Ride, Eagle Lake

  15. Jacqueline Halupka:  Home Renewal, acrylic on canvas

    • Sir Sam's Inn and Spa, Eagle Lake

  16. Renée Woltz:  Stardust, ceramic raku bowl

    • Haliburton Highlands Brewing, West Guilford

  17. Gwynneth Heaton:  Renewal, mixed media work

    • The Artspace, West Guilford

  18. Mary Intven Wallace:  Round the River Bend, acrylic on canvas

    • Truss Foodworks, Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve

  19. Lynda Moffatt:  Majestic, archival ink on aluminium

    • Wolf Centre, Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve, Kennisis Lake

  20. Chuck Lewis:  Wild Asters, oil on Canvas

    • Highlands East Visitor Information Centre, Wilberforce

  21. Sheila Ziman:  Natural Capacity, willow bark container

    • Wilberforce Branch Library, Wilberforce

  22. Jacqueline Morin-Proud:  Kids Play, acrylic on canvas

    • Bonne View Inn, Lake Kashagawigamog

  23. Susan Hay:  Spring Comes to the Highlands, acrylic on canvas

    • Dominion Hotel Pub, Minden

  24. Janice Archer:  Hope, oil on birchwood

    • Minden Hills Branch Library, Minden

  25. Janet Bradley:  Kids Being Kids, oil on canvas

    • Molly’s Bistro Bakery, Minden

  26. Harvey Walker:  Don’t Worry Bee Happy, oil on canvas

    • Rising Thymes, Minden 

  27. Miaja Stone:  Beckoning, oil on canvas

    • Boshkung Brewing Social, Minden

  28. Greg Gillespie:  Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, wood carving 

    • Oxtongue Craft Cabin & Gallery, Dwight

Renewal, a Haliburton Highlands Art Trail also includes:

29. Haliburton Sculpture Forest:  sculptures in various medium

  • Glebe Park, Haliburton

30. Downtown Haliburton Sculpture Exhibition:  sculptures in various medium

  • Highland Street, Haliburton

The Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands greatly appreciates the financial support of

the Haliburton County Development Corporation, the County of Haliburton and Canoe FM. 

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