Artists In The Schools: Call to Artists 201718

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Since 2004, The Arts Council, Haliburton Highlands have been providing opportunities for children in Haliburton County elementary schools to learn from artists who live in Haliburton County through their Artists in the School Program. (Minden, Haliburton, Cardiff, Wilberforce)

The Artists in the Schools program provides:

  • Arts experiences (music, dance, drama, art) for children and teachers with local professional artists in the classroom.
  • Curriculum links between the arts and other school subjects. Exposure to various careers in the arts and creative businesses. Connections between the community and its schools.


Each class involved in the program participates in one or more 100 minutes sessions with various artists. The classroom teacher matches the artists and their projects to their students’ interests as well as the curriculum. Participating artists are paid and compensated for travel, planning and material fees. We are looking for new artists to join our roster for the 2017/2018 school year.

Workshop sessions must be submitted to Charlene McConnell by August 31, 2017 and include a brief workshop description, number of sessions, targeted grade and potential curriculum tie in. For more information regarding this opportunity and how to write up your description please contact Charlene at


“Carved in the Canadian Shield”: Sculptor’s Panel Discussion – “Carving in Place”

"Carved in the Canadian Shield". A Sculpture Symposium in Celebration of Canada, Ontario, and Dysart's 150. Four artists from three countries are visiting Haliburton for three weeks (May 24th to June 13th)

to create four new sculptures in limestone for the Haliburton Sculpture Forest.
Sculptor's Panel Discussion - "Carving in Place"
Five sculptors, Canadian and International, hold a discussion on sculpting, their experiences in sculpting and experiences of working around the world.  Mary Ellen Farrow, Jiri Genzer, Carole Turner, Mary Anne Barkhouse and John McKinnon
Wednesday June 7 th7:00-9:00 pm
Location: Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre
23 York Street, Haliburton, Ontario
Join us for a discussion by 5 distinguished artists sharing their thoughts about and experiences of creating sculptures in different places and landscapes in the world and how this affects and inspires their work.
Click here for more information: Sculptor's Discussion Panel