Haliburton County Library - Wilberforce Branch hosting Sheila Ziman


Natural Capacity
Sheila Ziman
willow bark container, 12.5”x 12.5”

Haliburton County Library - Wilberforce Branch

1101 Holmes Road, Wilberforce

Artist Inspiration

Because the natural world is often front and centre in my life, “Renewal” immediately conjured up nature’s life cycles. I heard about the project just as the lands and waters in Haliburton County were awakening to spring. One of the first signs of spring for me are pussy willows. I knew I wanted to incorporate these furry delights into a piece. The “window” in the container holds the shape of a diamond, the form of the human birth canal and in some North American First Nations represents new beginnings. The willow bark container uses the basketry techniques of plaiting and stitching. Including the pussy willow embellishments it is 30cm tall and 12cm wide.

Artist Bio

Sheila is a founding member of the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust and a present board director. Her work reflects her environment where she draws inspiration and materials from the surrounding woods, fields, and waters. She is particularly interested in experimenting with materials gathered from nature to produce baskets or sculptural pieces using a variety of basketry techniques. In addition, she produces unique quillwork designs on birch bark.

Haliburton County Library - Wilberforce Branch

The Haliburton County Public Library is pleased to host the Haliburton Highlands Art Trail at the Wilberforce Branch.
Wilberforce Branch
1101 Holmes Road, Wilberforce
Phone: 705-448-2510

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