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Haliburton County Library - Minden Branch hosting Janice Archer


Janice Archer
oil on birchwood,16”x 14”
Best offer over $250 with funds going to World Vision for The Children of Ukraine.

Haliburton County Public Library – Minden Hills Branch

176 Bobcaygeon Road, Minden Hills

Artist Inspiration

The news about the invasion of Ukraine kept breaking day after day - devastating news blasting out over our world, I found I just could not escape these pictures of horror via Internet, television and newspapers, to name a few media. The destruction, the burnt buildings left gaping at the photographers, the trashed cars, and bodies day after day, and it is still happening as I wrote! My feelings just poured out of me via my paintbrush, and all the time I was thinking that only a vile “agent of Satan” could think up and orchestrate such evil. As I was painting these charred buildings of gaping horror, I wondered how children are surviving all over Ukraine and decided to offer the proceeds of this painting.
To make an offer, call Janice Archer @ 226-376-3237 or email
This painting is called “HOPE”. I’m hoping that renewal may come back to the beautiful war-torn country of Ukraine with the glorious Sunflowers growing once again where healthy children can play in freedom. May it be so.

Artist Bio

All my life I have enjoyed oil and acrylic painting and sketching, more so lately in my retirement in The Haliburton Highlands and now encompassing the delightful En Plein Air Opportunities offered worldwide and in this beautiful Country with our blessed freedom.
My facebook page is Art by Jan of Matabanick. You are welcome to visit and comment.

Haliburton County Public Library – Minden Hills Branch

Haliburton County Public Library – Minden Hills Branch
176 Bobcaygeon Road, Minden Hills
Phone: 705-286-2491

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