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Performing Arts
Actor/Director, Writer/Editor, Humourist.
Michael Clipperton
Performing Arts, Theatre, Music, Arts Education, Arts Management
Administrator, Consultant, Producer, Teacher/Educator
Theatre Director (plays, musicals, opera).
Educator (Theatre, Drama, Music Theatre, Playwriting) at secondary and post-secondary levels.
Singer (Classical and Music Theatre)
Consultant (Theatre management)
Set Designer
Workshop Leader
Performing Arts, Theatre
Performing Arts Venue -226 seat heated/air conditioned venue with aisle safety railings on first six rows to assist those in need. Fully operable lighting/sound booth w/house speaker and stage monitor system, CD player, DVD player, Digital Projector and Grand piano available. Good stage area with a cyclorama screen and black scrim. Podium and additional risers available on request. 2 change rooms with washrooms and showers, Green room, 2 storage areas, loading in/out dock located back stage.