WARNING: “distant seller” scam

Someone seems to be targeting artists in the Highlands with a scam that is known as the "distant seller" scam. You may receive an email with a message similar to this:

Hi <yourname>,

 How are you doing today? I Appreciate your mail  and your works are so wonderful,i want to use them in my new home in France.

  [There will likely be pictures here that the scammer has downloaded from your website, Social media feeds, Etsy store....]

  Kindly get back to me with last asking price for the works listed above excluding the shipping cost and what is my discount on this works?..Due to my  business policy i have a private shipping agent that handles my goods and she has been working with me for a very long time and i will appreciate if  you could bear with me.

 Importantly,i would advice you get back to me with your details, so i can issue out the cashier cheque in Canadian funds .Needed information below.

 Full Contact name....

Full Contact Address..


Postal Code..

Home Phone  number..

Cell Phone number..

 Kindly get back to me with the details requested For further proceeding, this will enable me to issue out the funds without any delay.

 Have a wonderful day


 Do not respond to this email! Although you would likely receive a cashiers cheque from this "buyer", the cheque would bounce several weeks after you deposited it. The scammer is after several things here:

  1. Free stuff from you
  2. Money from you when you reimburse the "seller" for a cashiers cheque that was "accidentally" written for much more than your asking price
  3. Credit card billing information, should you agree to speak with their "shipping agent" on the phone.