Karen Stoskopf Harding at Canadian Sculpture Centre: Unmasking Ourselves Sept. 9 – Oct. 2/15

Karen harding 2 croppedThe Sculptors Society of Canada is proud to present:


Works in bronze, encaustic and mixed-media explore inner reality through outer allusion/illusion.

"Magical, mystical masks invite us into the world of imaginary beings while examining the complexities of the underlying persona.  Although historically masks have been used to hide or to disguise, they can be made to render whole or complete that which appears divided.  Thus is achieved a harmonization of the dichotomy of the individual beyond what the wold sees and knows of us." K.S.H.

Reception: Thursday Sept. 10, 6:30 pm

Canadian Sculpture Centre

Sculptures Society of Canada

500 Church Street, Toronto ON

Tel: 647-435-5858

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