Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator Position Description

Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator
Position Description
The Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator coordinates the Arts Council’s Artists-in-the-Schools
program in the 5 elementary schools in Haliburton County on behalf of the Arts Council~
Haliburton Highlands
The Coordinator will:
i. Coordinate the organization and deliver the program.
· Work in collaboration with the Arts Council Education Committee to recruit and screen
local artists,
· Develop a roster of artist-in-the-schools artists and their proposed projects,
· Meet with principals in five schools and the participating teachers (where required) to
plan an Artists-in-the-Schools program in those schools,
· Establish a staff liaison within each school,
· Support teachers in making their program selections from the roster,
· Connect the teachers and artists,
· Follow-up to ensure that communication between artists and teachers has occurred,
· Develop a schedule for the artists-in-the schools,
· Create Letters of Engagement for each artist,
· Report regularly on the progress of the AITS program to the Arts Council and the
Education Committee,
· Record artist’s information, collect documents for the Arts Council files,
· Monitor the implementation of the Artists-in-the-Schools Program,
· In cooperation with the Education Committee, orient new artists to the program.
ii. Manage the AITS budget.
· Manage the AITS budget including working with the committee to establish a budget
and working with the Arts Council Administration to track the revenue and expenses,
· Work within the Artists in the Schools budget.
iii. Document and Evaluate the Program
· Distribute an evaluation form to collect feedback from teachers and artists,
· Document the artists in the schools projects through photos and video as needed.
· Compile evaluation forms and prepare a final, written Assessment Report (due June
30, 2016).
iv. Work with the Education Committee to raise the funds required to run the program
· Undertake grant-writing, making presentations, soliciting donations from individuals,
organizations, foundations and businesses, and stewardship of donations;
· Liaise with Trillium Lakelands District School board consultants and work with Cardiff
& Wilberforce school principal to produce the application (September 2015) and
report (June 2016) for TLDSB Enhancement Funds.
· Work with the Education Committee an partners to develop and write a proposal for a
Trillium Foundation grant (deadline August 26, 2015).
· Work with the Education Committee develop and write a proposal for the Ontario Arts
Council Arts Education Projects (deadline October 1, 2015).
v. Recognize donors and contributors
· In cooperation with the Education Committee, recognize donors and contributors and
prepare and deliver thank you notes as required.

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