KLCOA Announces “Art on the Dock” – July 11 & 12

KLCOA and the participating exhibitors will be making a contribution to the Haliburton Highlands' Arts Council's Artists in thArt on the Dock Logo Work jpge Schools program.

The Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners' Association (KLCOA), representing >500 cottagers,  is pleased to announce that "Art on the Dock", a studio-type tour featuring more than 30 artists and artisans at 20 locations around Kennisis Lake will be held from 11-4 on Sat & Sun, July 11 & 12, 2015.

Artists and artisans will be showing (and selling) their fine art and crafts on their docks, decks and in their cottages, lofts and garages from 11 to 4 each day.  Visitors are welcome to tour the lake by boat or by road - Art on the Dock signs will designate the exhibitor locations.

Exhibitors include water base painters, painters in oil, potters, photographers, quilters, fine woodworkers, decorative sign painters, mosaic tile workers, soap makers, sculptors, birdhouse makers, song and poetry writers, candle makers and artists in orgonite.  Half of the artists are professionals with many talented hobbyists also participating.  Noted professional artists include painters Ian Ball, Shelley Beach, Marleen Campbell, Ray Dugan, Tracey Lee Green, Wilf McOstrich, and Maurice Snelgrove.

KLCOA is delighted to add this cultural dimension to the social, recreational, environmental and economic initiatives and programs that KLCOA offers its members.  The Arts are an important part of the Haliburton Highlands community and we have so many talented artists and artisans living and cottaging on our lakes.  We are pleased to highlight this creative resource to the community.


Look Again: Perception, Imagination & Nature’s Magic by Col Mitchell Opening Reception: Friday, June 26, 4pm-8pm Chapel Gallery – Bracebridge

2015-POSTCARD-look-again-invite-Col-Mitchell-webBracebridge: Paper artist, Col Mitchell exhibits an art technique that explores and reawakens magical experiences and remembers iconic childhood interactions with nature's temptations. Through its distinctive process, each piece resolves itself into works as individual as the fingerprint of that experience. Col's influence lies in over twenty formative years of rustic, electricity-absent summers spent cottaging in Algonquin Park.

Look Again: Perception, Imagination and Nature's Magic is a collection of works of pen and ink on sculpted paper, some charged with energy, others tranquil like the deep mysteries of nature herself that will be on display at Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Chapel Gallery beginning June 27. Visitors to the exhibition will also enjoy the interactive nostalgic and iconic childhood activities Col calls "reminiscing stations," where they can recall or re-enact their own childhood memories.

In January of 2008, serendipity brought Col to her current practice of pen and ink on sculpted paper. "Inspiration struck during a paper on canvas workshop spurring me to deviate from the instruction to deliberately form a recognizable subject; a tree shaped out of a single medium weight sheet with a delicate and judicious application of tissue. I am certain a different use of the paper would not have allowed for the pivotal discovery of material interactions which influence the outcome of every piece,” says Col. “Enchanted, I explored, and continue to explore, my limitations working with pen nibs and their gravity dependant dipping inks and how different papers influenced the outcome.” 

It was four years before Col could form a small, three inch bird and another five years before she was able to create her first, furred animal, a piece that went on to win an award.

 Three stages are required for each piece Col creates. The first involves manipulating and sculpting a variety of wet and dry papers to create a skeleton. After the surface has dried, layers of acrylic washes are applied. Finally, a pen nib and acrylic inks adds linear details until all three steps merge as one, creating the final fused, cohesive image. “I like that there are elements in my work under limited control. Therefore, for me, that means they offer their own voice or presence to each piece, adding something I could not add on my own. It decidedly makes each piece one-of-a-kind as well as genuinely irreproducible,” explains Col.

 “I also began exploring how I fit into this dance of mediums. The final pen and ink stage is especially meditative, and it is there that I found my answers,” explains Col. “It is my memories and experiences I reach for when art making.” 

Specifically, the summers Col spent immersed in the magnificent natural surroundings of Algonquin Park, where the too few amenities of the cottage her grandfather built in 1931 on Smoke Lake meant nature had a stronger presence than anything did. Without electricity, television or cell phones to entertain, Col and her siblings invented games to play on both land and water. “We spent time being still and enveloped in lush expansive views, or crouched in intense contemplation of tiny life forms or fauna; tickled or bitten by insects; entranced or startled by sound; buffeted or soothed by wind; and warmed or burned by sun,” Col recalls. 

Col hopes that visitors to her first solo exhibition will experience a sense of wonder. “The kind of wonder I speak of is that wonder defined in the dictionary as ‘a felling of surprise, mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable’. Our natural world offers this, and more,” Col clarifies. “Childhood interactions with nature begin as significantly wondrous and we hold those memories dear, though our perception of them changes as we age. It is my hope the viewer re-experiences feelings or memories of intimate and meaningful interactions with nature, captured during childhood when those experiences were more wondrous than common.”

In February of this year, Col received an exhibition assistance grant from the Ontario Arts Council. She attributes her successful application to the Toronto-based group, Work in Culture, the Town of Huntsville, and Muskoka Arts & Crafts for hosting and organizing a New Opportunities for Artists Workshop, which offered individualized coaching on tourism marketing strategies and grantsmanship.

An award-winning contemporary paper artist, Col’s work has been featured in Times Square, New York City; the 2010 G8/G20 Summit Media Centre, Toronto; online and print magazines; art publications; popular art blogs; and juried global exhibitions.

Look Again opens with a reception of Friday, June 26 from 4pm until 8pm. The exhibition continues until July 18. Col will be at the Chapel Gallery demonstrating her art on Saturday, July 4 and Saturday, July 18 from 10:30am to 1pm and from 2pm until 5pm.

The Chapel Gallery is located at 15 King Street in Bracebridge. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm until 5pm with admission by donation. For more information, please visit www.muskokaartsandcrafts.com or call (705) 645-5501.

Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator Position Description

Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator
Position Description
The Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator coordinates the Arts Council’s Artists-in-the-Schools
program in the 5 elementary schools in Haliburton County on behalf of the Arts Council~
Haliburton Highlands
The Coordinator will:
i. Coordinate the organization and deliver the program.
· Work in collaboration with the Arts Council Education Committee to recruit and screen
local artists,
· Develop a roster of artist-in-the-schools artists and their proposed projects,
· Meet with principals in five schools and the participating teachers (where required) to
plan an Artists-in-the-Schools program in those schools,
· Establish a staff liaison within each school,
· Support teachers in making their program selections from the roster,
· Connect the teachers and artists,
· Follow-up to ensure that communication between artists and teachers has occurred,
· Develop a schedule for the artists-in-the schools,
· Create Letters of Engagement for each artist,
· Report regularly on the progress of the AITS program to the Arts Council and the
Education Committee,
· Record artist’s information, collect documents for the Arts Council files,
· Monitor the implementation of the Artists-in-the-Schools Program,
· In cooperation with the Education Committee, orient new artists to the program.
ii. Manage the AITS budget.
· Manage the AITS budget including working with the committee to establish a budget
and working with the Arts Council Administration to track the revenue and expenses,
· Work within the Artists in the Schools budget.
iii. Document and Evaluate the Program
· Distribute an evaluation form to collect feedback from teachers and artists,
· Document the artists in the schools projects through photos and video as needed.
· Compile evaluation forms and prepare a final, written Assessment Report (due June
30, 2016).
iv. Work with the Education Committee to raise the funds required to run the program
· Undertake grant-writing, making presentations, soliciting donations from individuals,
organizations, foundations and businesses, and stewardship of donations;
· Liaise with Trillium Lakelands District School board consultants and work with Cardiff
& Wilberforce school principal to produce the application (September 2015) and
report (June 2016) for TLDSB Enhancement Funds.
· Work with the Education Committee an partners to develop and write a proposal for a
Trillium Foundation grant (deadline August 26, 2015).
· Work with the Education Committee develop and write a proposal for the Ontario Arts
Council Arts Education Projects (deadline October 1, 2015).
v. Recognize donors and contributors
· In cooperation with the Education Committee, recognize donors and contributors and
prepare and deliver thank you notes as required.

Call for a Coordinator for Artists In The Schools

Call for applications for Artists in the Schools Coordinator

for the Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands

The Education Committee of the Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands is accepting applications for the position of Artists in the Schools Coordinator for 2015-2016.

This position is responsible for the coordination of the Artists in the Schools program. The Artists in the Schools program is funded through a combination of grants and fundraising.  At this point only a small portion of the funding for 2015-2016 is in place. An important part of the role of the Coordinator will be to work with the committee to get funding for the program.

The Committee is looking for an individual who is willing to work in a development role with the understanding that the execution of the full Artists in the Schools program is dependent on the success of the fundraising efforts.  The fundraising efforts include working with the committee to undertake grant-writing, soliciting donations from individuals, organizations and businesses.

For a full description of the role of the Coordinator

Go to www.haliburtonarts.on.ca  or e-mail jblake@sympatico.ca

Artists-in-the-Schools Coordinator Job Description

This a contract position with a payment of $1600 for July – November 2015 ($320/month).  If the Arts Council, with the support of the Education Coordinator is successful in raising the funds for the program, the Artists in the Schools coordinator will receive remuneration of $2240 for December 2015 – June 2016.  As described above, the level of remuneration will be dependent on the success of the fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in applying for this role please submit a letter of interest and your CV by June 16, 2015 to:

Jim Blake, Chair, Education Committee

Please send it to: jblake@sympatico.ca

The preferred candidate will have the following qualifications

Experience working with the schools in Haliburton County

  • Experience working with and providing direction and support to artists
  • Knowledge of the Ontario Elementary Arts Curriculum
  • Experience working as an artist in the schools
  • Experience with project management
  • Experience with fundraising and grant-writing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Own transportation
  • Availability to start by July 1st, 2015


WANTED: collectibles, artistic seconds and any of those fantastic items that are cluttering up your home, basement and garage. The Artists in the School Program which provides art experiences for children in Haliburton AITS logo and pictureCounty Schools is having a fundraising booth at the Trash and Treasures sale in Head Lake Park on Saturday June 13th. We are looking for donations of items for our booth with proceeds going directly towards programming and supplies.


Items can be dropped off the week of June 8th at The Arts Council Office(located in the Business Incubator beside the arena)


Thursday June 11th at Heritage Ballet between 4:30-6:00 pm and Friday June 12th between 5:30 and 6:00 pm

Or by special arrangement by calling:

Erin Lynch 705 754-0360.